Suntrol Security Film Featured by Cleveland 19 News

Cleveland 19 News reached out to Suntrol and owner John Hansen recently regarding Security Window Film. In advance of the GOP/Republican National Convention visit to Cleveland, security has been top of mind. Reporter Paul Orlousky reviews security film tests, and attempts several of his own with impressive results.

Suntrol is Ohio's leading provider for Security Window Film.  Security film immediately reinforces glass - perfect for street level windows, schools, libraries, museums, banks, airports, government buildings and more. View Suntrol’s security film test video here using LLumar® Magnum™ SCL SR PS7: It has a tensile strength of up to 32,000 psi, and breakage strength of up to 230 psi keeping glass intact if it breaks and avoiding glass shattering. 

“Selected by the Akron Federal Building, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) headquarters, and the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, this product is an exceptional choice for security, and we anticipate its growing popularity for all public buildings,” stated John Hansen, owner of Suntrol.