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Window film is a cost effective and environmentally friendly home improvement providing energy savings, protecting from damaging UV rays, and more. Specialty films also provide privacy and home security. 

Come along with these homeowners as they go through the window film process to achieve heat, glare and fade control in their home. This segment was featured on Designing Spaces with the help of a LLumar SelectPro™ dealer.

Suntrol is a professionally trained and certified LLumar SelectPro™ dealer. View this video for a taste into the window film consultation and quote process, as well as installation. Contact us today to start with Suntrol.

Suntrol is a SelectPro™ Dealer of Vista® by LLumar® Window Film


Sun Protection

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Project Sample: Sun Protection & Privacy

Suntrol was selected to provide window film for this custom Cleveland-area home for Sun Protection and Privacy.

Window Film Viewer for Homeowners

See what your home could look like with a wide array of decorative and solar control window films! 

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Sun Protection, Window Film Care, and
Plant Care Guide

SelectPro™ Dealer of Vista® by LLumar® Window Film

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