Suntrol Adds Inspiring Designs to NEW Booker School

Students celebrated the opening of the new three-story H. Barbara Booker School building on February 20.

The design team drafted the plans with input from the community, and Suntrol was selected to contribute colorful, custom window film.

"It feels amazing...if you look at our graphics, it’s just fun,” said Principal Nicholas Scheibelhood during a video interview. “Here we can do everything we need to do for kids. It’s a good feeling to be part of this, and bring this to the kids who so much deserve it.”  

“Suntrol has a huge heart for children, and we were really pleased to make a contribution to this incredible project that supports children and the Cleveland community,” said John Hansen, Suntrol’s founder.

The new building encompasses 57,500 square feet, and includes a new gym and cafeteria. Consideration was given to the design of each space, from classrooms to open extended learning areas. Comfortable furniture, bright colors, and the latest technology to encourage the excitement of learning.

Learn more about custom window film from Suntrol HERE, or contact us for more information!